L.H. Thomson has been involved in Aerospace manufacturing and assembly for over 30 years. Since 1992, we’ve operated out of a 65,000 square foot facility, providing all the necessary room to manufacture parts for leading companies in multiple industries.

During the process of manufacturing and assembly, we frequently improve our client’s part as new capabilities and better approaches become apparent. We are often able to present solutions for a better and more cost effective product. Our long established relationships with sub contractors in plating, painting, heat treating, and more also promote expediency and reduce cost and labor.

As a manufacturer for a diverse group of clients, we are able to bring the latest manufacturing ideas and methods to our field. Our excellent group of clients over the years has included Boeing, Ford, Coors, Cascade Corporation, Trane, Pitney Bowes, Spirit, Cessna, Kaman, Shenyang, Cyclone/Elbit, Curtiss Wright, and many more. Our relationship with Boeing dates back to 1983, a long standing relationship of manufacturing flight critical parts.


At L.H. Thomson, we have distinguished ourselves as best in industry when it comes to complex assemblies. We help our clients arrive at solutions that were unobtainable anywhere else. Rather than drilling parts manually at assembly, Thomson’s process is so highly refined, we can accurately pre-drill the individual parts to eliminate selective assembly.


We machine parts up to 81 inches long and use aluminum, high temperature alloys, titanium, stainless steel, high nickel materials, magnesium, plastics, copper, and composites, most of which are derived from the USA. Our floor is also supplied with power and air throughout, allowing us to arrange the most effective layout for your project. Through cell manufacturing, our floor arrangement reduces direct labor, shortens lead time, and requires less inventory per project, promoting quicker delivery and lower cost.

Our tool room makes gages to ensure operators are properly equipped to check parts per QMS requirements and customer specification. The Thomson tool room shortens lead time since we don’t wait for a tool to be ordered and delivered – it’s made in house. With unique tools, including patented fixtures, vertical and horizontal machining centers, broaching, and splining, project capability is limitless.