Since 1981, L.H. Thomson has worked with some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Working with a diverse group of clients over a large period of time has positioned us to be an innovator in engineering and manufacturing.

A quick look at a few of our larger clients will help show our diversity and experience. For Boeing, the world’s largest premier manufacturer of commercial jetliners, we manufacture flight critical parts and assemblies; for the Ford Motor Company, we manufactured parts for automobile air conditioners; for Trane Company, a major, worldwide manufacturer of air conditioning and heating equipment, we helped redesign their parts to minimize manufacturing costs; for Cascade Corporation, supplier of OEM components to the majority of fork lift manufacturers, we made hydraulic rotary unions; for Reliance Electric, the first company to guarantee electric motors for 40 years, we machined two truck loads per week of end bell housings; and for Pitney-Bowes, the major manufacturer of postage meters and mailing machines, we made parts for commercial outgoing mail sorters.

Our clients are very diverse and are often the leaders in their industry – their specifications are precise, their demands are high, and their parts are complex. After serving this level of client for 40 years, L.H. Thomson has become a leader in advanced manufacturing and engineering.


Margaret C. Thomson, CEO
Margaret was born and raised in the historic Soulard area of St. Louis, Missouri to a hard working, middle class family. After graduating high school in 1961, Margaret attended business school and began working at St. Louis University Hospital. Margaret continued her academic pursuits at St. Louis University, studying accounting and business. In 1964, Margaret met Loronzo H. Thomson while he was employed by McDonnell Aircraft – they would later marry in 1966.

After moving to Georgia, Margaret began studying at the University of Georgia and worked as a Secretary in Purchasing at the Warner Robins Air Force Base, all while co-founding NEMCO with Loronzo. In 1981, after the sale of NEMCO to Boeing, Margaret and Loronzo founded L.H. Thomson Company, Inc. Margaret worked part-time at Thomson until 1984, at which time she began full-time work. Margaret has worked in every administrative area of Thomson – Accounting, Human Resources, Purchasing, Job Costing, and Training, and she was also involved in the various certification processes. She currently serves as CEO.

Margaret and Loronzo have two children, Amy and Brian.


Brian Thomson, President
Brian’s education began at an early age in the L.H. Thomson plant under the direction of founder Ronnie Thomson. After programming CNC machines during his high school education, Brian completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. Following college, Brian worked at a petroleum refinery in Texas where he met his wife Paula. They have two children.

Brian returned to the Company to become part of the Engineering Team. He helped design and secure several patents associated with Thomson bicycle components while working his way toward management. He attained Vice President of Engineering before assuming the position of President. Brian successfully led the Company through an aerospace downturn and is currently guiding the Company through an expansion. For smooth and sustained growth, he has developed a management team of seasoned professionals who will see that Thomson’s efficient manufacturing processes are maintained and improved.