Since 1981, L.H. Thomson has established itself as a leading provider of aerospace parts and assemblies, leveraging CNC precision manufacturing techniques. Renowned for superior quality and innovative engineering, we have earned a reputation for manufacturing complex parts that meet the highest standards and specifications set by global industry giants.

With a focus on lean manufacturing principles, we excel in producing monolithic commercial aircraft components using a wide range of materials, including aluminum, high-temperature alloys, titanium, stainless steel, high-nickel alloys, magnesium, plastics, copper, and other metals and composites.

We specialize in long-term agreements and are well-equipped to handle start-up costs. At L.H. Thomson, we ensure your parts are produced precisely according to the required specifications, delivered on time, and within tolerance. Our in-house tool room enables us to create custom fixtures and gauges tailored to your unique needs.

We appreciate the opportunity to discuss your next project with you. Contact us today to explore how L.H. Thomson can contribute to your success.

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